Thursday, January 29, 2009


I hardly ever make resolutions any more. As I get older I realized that I usually don't keep my resolutions anyway. But this year I made one that I'm going to keep. I have to admit, I'm a magazine-aholic. I love magazines. I'd buy every single magazine if I had the money. At one time I subscribed to 10 magazines. Shocker, I know! I've cut back on my subscriptions considerably. Now I only subscribe to two, Quilting Arts and Country Living. I also get a couple others that were gifts...Birds and Blooms and Country. These magazines I call useful. There are recipes, tips, and useful information. These magazines I will keep for future use.

Then there are, what I call, "junk" magazines. You know the ones. Those woman magazines that you find at the check out. The ones that contain 75% advertisements and 25% frivolous information. They contain fashion advise that no normal woman can use and make up help that only clowns can follow. And they also usually have things on the covers that I wouldn't want my teenage sons to see.  
I resolve not to buy "junk" magazines this year! 


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Good for you! And very economical too!! I did the very same thing..I, too country cancel my subscription to Country Living. I love that magazine! I also have a room full of old magazines that day...I might need one. Oh friend, I've got it bad!! :-)