Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What, you say?

Maybe some of you will be shocked, but I've never watched America's Top Model, Jon and Kate +8, American Idol, and more too numerous to mention. I just don't get into most of those types of shows. I just don't see what the interest is, spying into people's lives like some of those shows do. Since all the "good" shows are in repeats, I'm giving some of the other shows a try.
I'm watching Top Model tonight. Interesting, to say the least. Don't think I'll watch it again.
I watched Wipeout for 2 minutes, at the most. Stupid!
I've watched Southern Belles and Real Housewives of whatever city is popular at the time. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Women acting stupid and flaunting their money. They were a waste of my time.
Some may say that soap operas are dumb and a waste of time. They do seem silly at times, but I have watched one soap for almost 40 years! Shocking! I can't give it up now, can I?????
To each his own!!!