Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Snugglies

I'm branching off a bit. I've made these cute snuggly blankies. They make great security blankets that babies and toddlers can carry around or take to bed with them. And there are great feely ribbons around the edges. I'm calling them cuddle blankets. I won't be selling these in my etsy shop. They measure approx. 12"x12" and are made of flannel.
If anyone is interested in these and would like to see more pics or want to purchase them, please email me at
I'm finishing up a couple regular baby blankets. I'll put these in my etsy shop when they are finished.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Joni, these are so darling! Those little ribbon tabs are a great idea, soft to the touch. Good for you friend!
Bless you~Sharon

Heather said...

These are such a great idea and so much nicer to look at than the usual scruffy bit of blanket most toddlers seem to love. Our son had one which I had to cut up in order to wash it! He just would not be parted from it. He's 52 this year so it's no longer a problem!!!

Linda said...

These are pretty! I'm tempted to have one for myself!